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Brazil site hunting - real estate for developers, hotels and investors


Sitehunting in Brazil - the way we work

We constantly scout the Brazilian coast - from the Nordeste to south of Florianopolis - for the best investment and development areas.

From the ground, from the air, from the sea... we probably have seen almost every piece of land in a radius of 2 hours from any major airport.

We have - literally - driven down each and every dirt road, all the way down to the beach. We have touched the sand, we have dived into the waves, and hiked around to see the vegetation, creeks and lakes.

Market & inside know-how

There are plenty of beautiful beaches with nice palm trees in Brazil - but not all of them have the same potential for investment or development.

Being developers ourselves, we compare the potential of each state, each region, and each property. Topology, zoning laws, environmental issues, location, airport access, utitilies, neighbourhood, tourist attractions, political stability, maturity, supply/demand balance - everything gets factored into our evaluation.

Finally, our inside knowledge of many confidential projects, and our experience in dealing with the land owners, provide an enormous added value for those who want to make the best investments in Brazil.

What we can do for you

Before we start, we'll need to understand exactly what your objectives are. Together, we need to find out things like:

- Your target market and product.
International or Brazilian? High or low density? Condo's or freestanding? Mid market or very high end? For tourism or residential purposes?
(Rationale: prices depend on the amount of construction ànd the price level you can get for the end product - the trick is to find the right mix)

- Your strategy and time horizon
Are you buying to develop? To flip around? For land banking?
(Rationale: Interest rates are very high in Brazil, so the cost of land is highly affected by whether it's market ripe today, or in a few years. )

- Your own profile
Are you an active developer, or a passive investor? Do you have the experience to go on your own, or would you consider a joint venture?
Do you have the marketing power to sell out your end product yourself, or would you need a location that "sells itself"?
Would you consider more challenging locations, or prefer an "easy" one to start with?


Once we've got this detailed briefing, we may be lucky, and some of the properties we found in previous searches may be suitable for you.

If so, we'll make a first selection of properties for you from the existing inventory. Based on your feedback, we may then set up some site visits and/or start negociating for you.

If not, we will start searching for similar properties in the same area(s). That typically takes 3 to 6 months - as we do not only have to find the properties, but pre-negociate with the owners without showing too much buying pressure, and do our 'due diligence' regarding legal & zoning aspects.
Depending on the difficulty level, we will charge you a small retainer (which, of course, get reimbursed if we end up doing business together).



Mile by mile, we scout Brazil...

from the air...

from the sea...

from the ground...

checking the zoning plans

figuring in infrastructure...

or confidential developments