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Real Estate in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador is one of the top-5 cities in Brazil, with over 2 million inhabitants and a rich cultural life.

It used to be an important area for the Portuguese, and the famous old town centre, the Pelourinho, is an important tourist attraction with it's thousands of authentic Portuguese homes.

Once an entry point for slaves being brought to Brazil, Salvador still has a lively cultural and musical scene that mixes African elements of music, dance, art and religion with Portuguese and Indian influences.

Being somewhat neglected by the Brazilian government, large part of the city have lost their lustre; but on the other hand, the city does have up-to-date infrastructure like a large, modern and efficient airport, the shopping malls like Iguatemi and Barra Shopping, the 'AeroClub' leisure mall (with cinemas, concert halls, restaurants and shops), etc.

North of the city, an important industrial zone (cars and chemicals) has been created in Camaçari; and the new Linha Verde tollway ("Green Line") offers quick transport from the airport to the tourism area of the North, like Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte.

The south of the city is less known for tourism, except for the paradisiacal islands of Morro de São Paulo (Tinharé) and Boipeba


Reserva Imbassai, the new resort -

Elevador Lacerda and Mercado Modelo

The upper and lower city

The Bahia Marina

The beaches near Itapoa and Stella Maris

Barra, a small but popular city beach

The famous 'Pelourinho': historical and cultural centre of Salvador

The brand new marina, in front of the historical centre

The Lacerda elevator and other landmarks

A yacht leaving the marina, in front of the project. In the distance, the island of Itaparica and the ferryboat.

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