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Real Estate Investments in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio is... an amazing mix of lifestyles, all concentrated in one giant city with over 10 million inhabitants; from the very rich to the very poor.

From an investor's viewpoint there are three different zones of interest in Rio:

1 - Zona Sul

The Zona Sul (Ipanema, Leblon, Gavea, as well as more popular Copacabana) is the most exclusive area of the city, where the upper middle class, luxury shops and a good part of the nightlife converges.
As space in this area is limited, and the area is close to 100% built, prices in these areas are high and keep rising as demand keeps growing and there are few alternatives.
In this zone, Copacabana is a bit more risky; as it's well known nightlife also attracts lots of prostitution, street hustlers and petty crime. It's still the most popular destination; but one never knows when the growing feeling of unsafety in the area may trigger a decrease in value.


2 - Rio City and Santa Teresa

Other areas of the city may be well known for their tourist attractions, but are less interesting for investors.

Santa Teresa

One exception is Santa Teresa, one of Rio's oldest neighbourhoods, that once used to be the most elite area of the city, high on a hill, just on top of the city center, with great views to the sea and the bay.

The neighbourhood features many great mansions and castles with stunning, rich Portuguese style. When in the 60's-70's, the upper class started moving to the (then) modern areas like Ipanema, Santa Teresa became a little rundown, although it stayed the favourite of the intellectual and artistic elite.

Today, the area is being rediscovered; many homes are being restored; restaurants, galleries and antique shops are opening; and the area is starting to become part of the touristical route in Rio.
There is no doubt that prices will go up considerably in the next few years.

The area is conveniently located 5 minutes from Rio's downtown/business district, and the old, wooden tramway (which is a tourist attraction by itself, featured in many tourism guides!) takes you up or down for 0.1 real in 3 minutes; and only 20 minutes from Ipanema.

Located high on a hill, surrounded by other hills like the one featuring the famous Christ's statue, the area enjoys cooler, fresher air than most of Rio and it offers an oasis of peace and quiet just inside Rio.


3 - Barra de Tijuca and Recreio

Al throughout history, Rio has been moving southwards, with the elite moving to the newest areas every 20 years or so.

Today, Barra and Recreio are at the foreground of this movement; a modern, Miami-like beach area with about 30 km of beach south of Rio.

Highrise beachfront condo's with large garden, pool and leisure areas and complete security are the newest hit.

While some think it has lost the charm of the old Rio, others adore the quality lifestyle of having a beachfront condo (in front of great, quiet beaches) with restaurants, entertainment and large shopping malls just behind it on the endless 'Avenida das Americas'.
Most projects closer to the city are more middle class, but as one moves away from the city (10, 15 km from Ipanema) projects become more exclusive.

This area stands a very good chance of becoming the next top area in Rio and is interesting for off-plan investors.


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