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Paraty (on the Green Coast, between Rio and São Paulo)

Halfway Rio and São Paulo, the coast between Angra dos Reis and Paraty is a mature tourism destination, well-known and used by both ‘Carioca’s’ (Rio de Janeiro) and Paulistas (São Paulo).

Here, lush green hills with native ‘mata atlantica’ forest stretch all the way down to the beach, and the coast is literally strewn with hundreds of little islands and bays that have turned ‘Angra dos Reis’ into a real sailing paradise.

Don't get disappointed when arriving in the city of Angra dos Reis itself – a relatively old, ugly, uninteresting city with a port and even a nuclear energy plant that spoils the views.
The real attraction of “Angra”, in fact, lies on the islands, like Gipoia, Ilha Grande and Ilha Bela. Those have conserved much more of their natural beauty and are the favourite destination for the rich Paulista’s weekend homes.

Sumptuous mansions, usually with a private pier, and cute little boutique hotels provide them with a starting point to discover all the little beaches and restaurants spread around the different islands.

In high-end condos, like Laranjeiras near Paraty, a 1000 sqm building lot costs around $1 million and homes range anywhere from $2 to 10 million.

Paraty itself is worth mentioning too; as its 17th century historical centre has remained largely preserved and is becoming a real tourism attraction with a nice restaurants, bars and galleries, and a very active cultural agenda. It is as well a departure point for numerous boat trips along the islands.

The coast, on the other hand, is generally overdeveloped with older, dense condominiums – although a few resorts (including Club Med, Porto Bello) are quite nice (and expensive) by themselves.

The greatest backdraw of Paraty, however, is it’s weather – with a high probability of rain in the months of December to April - when Europeans and Americans are trying to escape from the cold and wet weather in their home countries.


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the little port of historic Paraty

One of the historical streets in Paraty


Exclusive homes in Laranjeiras

Secluded homes in the bays of Paraty

A paradise for sailing

Boat trips to the islands

Great restaurants on mini islands

The marina of Amyr Klink


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For more information about investing in Brazil,

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