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Tourism in Natal is on the rise, and this - by Brazilian standards - small city, with just over 1 million inhabitants - is clearly betting on its further evolution.

The majority of this international tourism is Scandinavian and driven by tour operators and charter flights. Although almost a third of the local real estate production was sold to foreigners, it's still a relatively small market; and properties tend to be small holiday flats in high-rise buildings in Natal city or Ponta Negra.

More than 20 golf projects have been announced; although only 1 or 2 are really being developed at present time.

Its international airport has a weekly average of 14 international flights (3 to 4 from Lisbon, 2 from Amsterdam, and 1 each from Milan, Madrid, Stockholm and Oslo) as well as 25 national chartered (tourism) flights.

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South of Natal

The first 40 km south of Natal are packed with simple weekend homes for the Brazilian market, and although a handful of apartment condominiums are being developed around Buzios and Pirangi, the massive presence of poor property is a handicap for this region to improve quickly.

Almost 1.5 hours south of Natal lies Praia da Pipa, a small, charming village with great views, pink cliffs and dunes. Pipa has cute little shops and restaurants and some upmarket potential, but front-line beach property for larger hotel or residential operations is scarce. However, a large resort with 5 km of beach is and a marina is still possible in Tibau do Sul, just a few miles north of Pipa; and a Brazilian resort developer is negociating a large area further south.

Prices in this area are very high; and investor attention has started to shift to the more virgin beaches of the north.

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North of Natal

Development of the north has only just started; mainly due to the natural barrier of the Potengi river which imposes a 30-minute detour through the ugly north side of town.

Once on the other side, however, the spotless BR101 highway offers perfect connection to the virgin beaches and scenic villages of the north.

But most importantly, a new giant bridge, completing by the end of 2006, will disclose this area rapidly.

Even more important for the longer term is the planned new international airport north of Natal, which is designed to become a new hub for travel (and freight) to Brazil and South-America and will take the giant "people carrier" aircraft of the future.

Areas like Genipabu, Maracajau and Muriu are bound to increase in value soon. Further north, São Miguel do Gostoso has beautiful palm tree plantations and lakes, plus good kitesurfing conditions.

Further north of "Gostoso", one either has to make a detour inland or face some pretty tedious sand roads; and beaches and vegetation becomes less exciting.

As a result of all this, the north of Natal is quite interesting for developers, resorts and speculative investors.

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The new bridge opens up the north



Dunes and lakes

Midway shopping mall

Sao Miguel do Gostoso

Sao Miguel do Gostoso


the dunes of Genipabu



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