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Real Estate in Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil (Tinharé, Boipeba)


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Real estate investments in Morro de São Paulo

Some two hours of sailing south of Salvador, lie the islands of Tinharé (Morro de São Paulo) and Boipeba, two of the most beautiful and virgin spots in Brazil.

Its unpaved, sandy streets (or rather, alleys), and a series of palm tree lined beaches (simply called first beach, second beach, third beach and so on...) have that special lazy feeling during the day.

At night, however, Morro changes faces and its second beach becomes the scene of an effervescent party life, especially during the holidays and around Carnaval.

South of Morro (and extremely hard to reach) lies the even more exotic Boipeba, where natural pools and reefs in front of the beaches create a kaleidoscope of colours... but unfortunately, its lack of accessibility (and poor legal documentation) makes it a very challenging location for further development.

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Beautiful views


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Arriving in Morro de São Paulo

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the entrance gate to Morro

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the old fortifications

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