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Real estate investments in the peninsula of Marau

The peninsula of Marau, located 370 km south of Salvador, is one of the latest discoveries of the Brazilian jet-set. It is located near the bay of Camamu, the third largest bay in Brazil.

When the road from Ilheus to Itacaré was opened, less than 10 years ago, price levels exploded. Today, land in Itacaré is amongst the most expensive of the Brazilian coast.

Yet, one last remaining stretch of virgin beaches is found on the peninsula of Marau. This stretches from Itacaré to Barra Grande, via the famous 'Taipus de Fora'.

Access from Itacaré is difficult. Or rather, it's expensive; only 4x4's get across the sandy roads and it takes at least an hour to get to areas like Taipus; yet exactly because of this it is very popular with the rich who can afford to fly in by helicopter or the little planes from Salvador. AeroStar operates a little plane, 3 to 5 days out of seven, that makes the short trip from Salvador via Morro de Sao Paolo to Barra Grande for 170$. The boat from Camamu takes about 1h40.

On the west side, the peninsula creates the third largest bay in Brazil, a great sailing area. On the east side, the snorkeling beaches of Taipus are quite famous. The bay is a departure point for the sports fishing boats that go for the game fishing grounds, some 40km off the coast.

On the east side, several lakes, close to the beach, add further attraction. The beach in Taipus de Fora, where coral reefs create natural swimming pools filled with coloured fish, is one of Brazil's most appreciated beaches and VIPs like Duda Mendonça have incredible mansions on this beach.

The area is good for landbanking; it is still quite cheap ($1500-2000 per meter of beach) but plans are being made to asphalt the first 35km from Itacaré. At this time, land values will increase and demand will start to increase.

There are small villages nearby that provide (very) basic services and the town of Barra Grande, some 30km north, offers a more complete range.

One of the resorts that created the VIP reputation of the peninsula is the Kiaroa Beach Resort.

For those who like peace and quiet, but like a little bit more accessability infrastructure, we recommend to have a look at the state of Alagoas near Maceio.

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