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Costa do Sauipe was opened in Jan. 2001, featuring five hotels with five stars each - a Marriott's, two Sofitels, a Renaissance, and a Breezes Superclub, plus PGA golf course, spa, equestrian centre, helipad etc. In less than 4 years, these resorts are already operating year-round at an average 65% occupation. Room rates are around $200 year round with high season peaks of up to $400 per night.

Costa do Sauipe is located some 65 km from the modern International Airport of Salvador, the capital of Bahia. It is connected by an excellent highway, and the state of Bahia is actively supporting tourism as the key factor to growth - while keeping strict control over it's natural resources.

Bahia is a well-established tourism destination, home to both Club Med's in Brazil (one near Salvador, one near Porto Seguro), and between Sauipe and in neighbouring Praia do Forte Iberostar is adding another 5 resorts. Other large operators are


The area of Costa de Sauipe, some 15 million square meters, is owned by the Odebrecht company. Odebrecht is one of the largest engineering companies and constructors in the world, with sales of about $1.5 billion and 22000 employees. Metro's, hydro-electric projects, nuclear plants, pipelines, roads, bridges, cathedrals, Conrad hotels, skyscrapers - you name it, they've built it. They have built several residential skyscrapers in Brazil; as well as a first phase of about 100 holiday homes in Costa de Sauipe. A second phase is ready to be launched early 2005.

This stretch of coast in Brazil is very beautiful thanks to a combination of beaches, dunes and lagoons just behind the beach; which makes it very delicate in terms of environmental protection. Yet Odebrecht has gone through the learning curve and their master plan has been approved, which saves investors about 2 years compared to any major project one might do here on one's own.

They have a quality philosophy and design guidelines respecting the environment that fit well with luxury developments.

Views from the club house - more such areas available

The lagoons, just behind the beach, before clean-up and filling.

Nothing will be constructed on the beach


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