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Maceio and the state of Alagoas

Alagoas is a small state, between Salvador (Bahia) and Recife, featuring a lush, green hilly landscape that contrasts beautifully with a bright blue-green sea - offering probably the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Yet, until recently it stayed relatively undiscovered - the lack of a major airport and infrastructure restricting it's beaches to local tourism, mainly one day trips by the Maceio locals.

This, is now changing with the opening of the international airport of Maceio, inaugurated Sep. '05, with a runway of 2600m, enough for major international aircraft like Boeing 747.

Over the last 2-3 years, several small boutique-style "pousada" hotels have given the area a little boost already and land prices are starting to rise rapidly - although some beachfront areas still can be found cheap, while others already are controlled by investors who sell at premium prices only.

Most of the state is planted with coconut trees and sugar cane; offering beautiful bright green landscapes. The beaches often benefit from coral reefs that create extremely beautiful variations with many tonalities of blue, green and turquoise.

They also form swimming pools that are popular for snorkeling due to the rich fauna and flora that can be observed in them. A few of our clients are developing very high end resorts - with top Asian hotel brands - in Alagoas, which will give the state - and land - an enormous boost in the next 2-3 years.


The river mound that marks the beginning of an undiscovered stretch of Brazil

An area of special interest is the "Costa dos Corais", located some 100 km north of Maceio. That area has been largely devoid of the local, cheaper developments that flourish closer to Maceio. In fact, not only the nature has been beautifully preserved; it's poor but cute fishermen villages have conserved many old Portuguese examples of architecture.

However, a bridge currently under construction will reduce the travel time to the area and this again will greatly increase the value of the area.

This area is highly indicated for land banking; beachfront land is expected to at least triple in price over the next five years.
It is very suitable for high-end resorts, boutique hotels that will benefit from the exotique landscape and sea, the new airport of Maceio, and the lack of low-quality development.

90% of the land in Maceio is owned by some 28 families, which has kept the area from fragmenting in smaller areas. Most stretches currently available are around 500 m beach front with depth from 200 to 500 m (i.e. 10 to 25 ha.)

As this is not a liquid, organised market yet, properties are usually not openly for sale but the owners that are willing to sell pieces of their estate expect buyers to have several rounds of negotiations to close a deal.

As most of the land has already been "humanised" there are relatively little ecological issues. In fact, land that has already been "cultivated" (like coconut and cane plantations) is not considered to be of special environmental value - however beautiful and unspoilt they may be today.

The mock-up of the new airport of Maceio

The beautiful pink cliffs are usually located about half a km inland - offering plateaus with great views

Pousada "Coté Sud", the first to have opened in the Costa dos Corais five years ago


Most of the beach boulevard is dominated by quite nice apartments, and a lot of new construction

The old portuguese port area, is being revitalised and is turning into a trendy leisure zone

Ponta Verde, the area with the 5* Melia Hotel, and probably the best area in Maceio

poor, but quaint villages


some old portuguese houses

the wide and deserted beaches


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