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Real estate in Bahia and Salvador

Salvador, with over 2.2 million inhabitants, is the 3d largest metropole of Brazil. Salvador has remained relatively poor; with only 5% of the population in social class A and 12% in B. As a result, the local primary real estate market has been small - less than 2000 homes produced per year, mostly for the upper middle class.

Yet the state of Bahia, more than any other state in the Nordeste, was the first to realise that its future lies in the development of tourism, and they have channeled considerable resource to building a world-class infrastructure including a brand new airport and the "Linha Verde" - a 200 km stretch of tollway along the gorgeous Costa dos Coqueiros.

The Linha Verde

As a result, investments have sprung up. Already in operation is mega-resort Costa do Sauipe, spearheaded by 5 star names like Sofitel, Marriott's, Renaissances, and and a Breezes all-inclusive club. It includes a 27 hole golf course, spa, horseriding and watersports facilities.

A few km to the South, spanish group Iberostar has started construction of an other five luxury golf hotels to be built between Costa do Sauipe and Praia do Forte. The first one is already open, fed by direct charter flights from Spain - as well as the 18 hole golf course of the resort.

Praia do Forte has been a well-know holiday destination for 15 years, and the addition of the Praia do Forte Eco-Resort by German Peter Kraus has given it a new impulse.

Next to it, in Imbassai, Portuguese group Reta Atlantico are building the Reserva Imbassai resort.

But more importantly, Spanish developer Trusam has purchased a few km of beach where they will develop hotels together with Spanish brands Riu, and H10/Andalucia playa .

All these investments have put Salvador definitely on the map as a top tourism destination; and the area has been named as the new Cancun. Prices have risen rapidly over the past 4 years but are still a lot cheaper than comparable real estate

The area is also benefiting from other major investments, like the Ford plant near Salvador, which creates additional infrastructure and a higher level of services.

The coastal area is beautiful, not only because of it's exotic vegetation and fauna - but also because of the combination of beaches, and many rivers that create beautiful lakes and estuaries only separated from the sea by spectacular snowwhite dunes.

As a result, it is extremely interesting for real estate development; as not only the front line beach but the whole area lying behind it is of exceptional beauty creating gorgeous views (and value) for the homes being built.

South of Bahia

In the South of Bahia are further areas of strong touristical interest.

Near the airport of Ilheus, Itacaré with its elite hideaways like WaraPuru, Villas de São José and Txai; and the peninsula of Marau (Barra Grande, Taipus de Fora) are an ecological paradise.

Near the airport of Porto Seguro, served by many international charter flights; are the posh holiday towns of Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso, small upmarket villages with recent developments like Club Mediterranée and TerraVista golf resort; and Outeiro das Brisas which even has its own polo fields.


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