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Angra dos Reis - 1 km of beach on top location
resort or residential - 69 hectares (170 acres)
$10 million

This is a rare piece of beach on a top location in Angra dos Reis - surrounded by multi-million dollar homes and two of the best luxury resorts in the region (Blue Tree and Pestana).

With 960 m of oceanfront - including some 3-400 m of sandy beach - and a hilly configuration, the property allows for a large number of properties each with a spectacular view to the sea and the surrounding islands. (Actually, the property does include one of the surrounding islands - great for a super-exclusive extra home, leisure area or restaurant).

The area is located in an urban zone (ZUPA) which allows for a 40% occupancy but protects the native forests and the hilltops above a height of 60m above sea level. (See below a suggestion by a local architect of a project that would be allowed on this location.)

The property is located in the Bahia da Ribeira, the most exclusive part of Angra and some 10km from the city, with easy access along the asphalted coastal road. It contains a well-maintained 16th century farmhouse with a storage house by the beach which used to be a warehouse for coffee.

Top location near luxury resorts - but excellent privacy

One of the few real sandy beaches in the region

the water is calm and clear - a rare asset in this region

The total area has about 1km of beachfront

A potential suggestion for land use of the south side. Note how the buildings are located between two lines:
the 33m distance from the water front, and the 60m altitude line.

A suggestion of potential use for the north side - including the little island.


Townhall regulations of the area:

maximum occupancy of 50% (40% for condominiums)
Maximum building height 11 metres
Front margin 3 metres
Buildings must stay at least 33m away from the water line (as per the Tamoios Environmental Protection Plan)

the property includes a small island in front of it - ideal for a restaurant, guest house, or entertainment area