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Panoramic hilltop on the beach near Taipus de Fora

(joint venture with architect-owner)

The hill rises from the beach, with large, dramatic rocks at the entrance

Just around the corner from Taipus, lies one single hill - an exception on the generally flat island - that creates true 360° views over the beach, the lakes, ànd the bay. The owner is a succesful architect, who is not interested in selling; but IS interested in developing the area into one of the most exclusive spots on the coast.

Located on prestigious Taipus de Fora (the east coast of the peninsula); the area also benefits from being just a few minutes from the bay of Camamu (the west coast). This bay is one of the largest bays in Brazil, and attractive for yachting and sailing.

Taipus de Fora is little developed but well known for it's natural pools - coral formations near the beach that transform into little, warm pools that are ideal for snorkeling and observing the fish. Celebrities like Dodo Mendonça own grand mansions on this beach, and it's remoteness have given Taipus some status as one of the last beaches in Brazil where the rich and famous can still enjoy their privacy.

At some 30 km, the city of Barra Grande provides some basic infrastructure and animation.

Access to the peninsula, for now, is limited as all roads are dirt roads and require a 4x4. There is road access via Itacaré (one hour; two hours from Ilheus); via the ferry coming from the mainland; or via the AeroStar island hopping planes that have scheduled flights from Salvador 5 days a week (to Barra Grande via Morro de Sao Paolo). The cost of this prohibits most Brazilians except the rich to visit the area.

There is talk of asphalting at least the first 30 km into the island, which would make it more accessible and increase the value of the land. Yet some of the land owners are fighting this evolution - as they prefer to keep the area as private and unspoilt as it is now.

This unique hill calls for a very exclusive development on top of the hill; maybe 20 large villas on the largely flat, cleared platform. The owner suggests building a small boutique hotel as well; a strategy used often in Brazil to make a location known to the jet-set in order to launch exclusive home developments.

In the back, or the adjoining plots by the beach, several hundred homes could be built that would benefit both from the beach and the lake behind it.

Next to his area, a few other, flat beachfront plots are available, each with some 400-500m of beach and including the lake in the back.

The back of the property, as seen from the lake

Views over the bay, from the back side of the property

The beachfront south of the plot

More details are available for qualified investors and developers.
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