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Itacaré - "push the button" project for 50+ highly exclusive plots

(300 m beach; 60000 m²)


The area is the most beautiful area in Itacaré; and Itacaré is one of the most beautiful areas in Brazil. It is a rare combination of spectacular hills, bordering the sea; with white beaches and an abundant 'mata atlantica' vegetation. The owners, a family business, have taken enormous care to turn their area in a real ecological paradise; with tropical forest areas, waterfalls, horse riding trails, and homes that have been carefully hidden in the exuberant vegetation.

They have attracted a very, very selective in-crowd, including the owners of major media groups, bankers - and some spectacular multi-million dollar (!) homes.

They have, in fact, enormous attention to creating value and exclusivity in their area; yet would now like to speed up sales while maintaining (or rather increasing) the exclusivity and value of the land, and respecting the ecological philosophy of their project.

They lack the knowhow (and possibly, cash) for a more agressive international marketing, and looking for a partner that can speed up their cashflow without damaging their image. They have turned down previous offers by buyers who offered little or no cash up-front; but I'd recommend buying part of the project with one single up-front payment while optioning the remainder at a fixed price.

The land is basically a hill, just in front of the sea; with space for some 57 spectacular lots of some 1000 m² each, each with dramatical views to the sea. One half of the area leads completely onto the beach; the other half is separated from the beach by a small hotel building that is perfectly integrated in the vegetation and hard to see from above.

The area is very beautiful, and offers extreme privacy and security to a very demanding clientele.

The price asked is close to retail, and as such, profit margin may be lower than some other projects. Yet the area is undoubtedly of exceptional beauty and exclusivity.

More details are available for qualified investors and developers.
Please for further information.


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how to buy real estate in Brazil


real estate in Brazil - land for developers, hotels, investors

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