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Building models for low income and middle class housing in Brazil


1 - Upper middle class

This building fits 12 apartments - 3 per floor - plus 12 parking spots on a plot with 24m of frontage by 30m. of depth. It's large windows and terraces plus large living rooms provide excellent quality of living for the residents. This design is targeted for the upper middle class with family incomes of 5 to 10 times the minimum wage.
The outdoor staircase allows us to use the full length of the plot for units. The ground floor apartments have a little garden with parking spot.

The concept is based on our tried and tested single home concept; with large bedrooms, very spacious living rooms, and excellent productivity.






2 - lower middle class


This project consists of a roughly square footprint and 4 floors with 4 homes each - totalling 16 apartments with 2 bedrooms each. Up to 4 stories, an elevator is not required and the highly rationalised building method (with structural concrete blocks and pre-tensioned floors) provides speed and cost efficiency. A small terrace with a built-in barbecue (a must for Brazilians) is a rather uncommon feature and a great selling tool.

The four apartments per floor are divided 2x2 over two symmetrical buildings, with a staircase in the middle. The version on the left has a staircase in the middle of the building; and the spaces on both sides can be used to create a 3d bedroom for half of the units. The version on the right does only have a central staircase (not shown here), but has an outdoor terrace (see floor plan below).

The left version, cheapest of all due to its square format and symmetrical concept. Consists of 4 almost identical units. The units on the left have 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom; the ones on the right have a third bedroom. The central staircase and the very equilibrated, "cross shaped" core make for good structural stability.
Bathrooms and kitchen are all on one central line.
This concept was design to target the bulk of the low-income market - those with a family income of less than 3 minimum wages.

The right version, features a larger (12m2) master bedroom, a terrace with barbecue, and bathrooms with an external window. Also the living room is a little bit larger. This building actually consists of two parts, connect only by a staircase tower in the middle. This concept was designed for those middle class families who have a slightly larger family income of 3-5 minimum wages.


Florianopolis (south of Brazil)

São Miguel do Gostoso (Natal)

Maceio (Alagoas)

Praia da Pipa (Natal)

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