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Farming in Brazil

Farming in Brazil can be exceptionally profitable - as both the land and the labour costs are far below international standards. At the same time, its excellent climate and abundance of water provides an excellent base for many different cultures.

With worldwide demand of many agricultural products growing, Brazil also is one of the few countries that can quickly expand its cultivated area.

One of the hottest opportunities is bio-energy. Brazil's ethanol plants are the target of worldwide attention, as it is a proven, ecological and cheap alternative to fossil car fuels.
Brazil's technology produces alcohol fuel from sugar cane at roughly half the cost of the US, corn based technology.

Against this background, investing in ethanol plants (or sugar cane plantations around such plants) can be very interesting. The Brazilian ethanol industry is still very fragmented; and many family-owned operations are looking for capital to expand their production.

Apart from that, Brazil has around 20 different crops that are an excellent source for biodiesel. Some of those are quite easy to cultivate even in the remotest, driest areas of the north - and the government is actively supporting initiatives in this area as it will not only generate additional income as well as develop those socially less privileged areas.

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One of our clients is setting up a timber fund that will invest $500m in timber farms; with proceeds guaranteed by LT futures contracts.

Investors and partners are welcome.

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