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Ethanol plants and sugar cane farms for sale in Brazil

Please note - we are not allowed to disclose many details about ethanol plants for sale, unless to well qualified clients; and most sellers do not allow us to announce their offer at all. Should you consider investing in ethanol plants, we will need a full presentation on you, showing that you are willing and able to make such investment. We are used to work under strict confidentiality and are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement should you require.

Transactions of ethanol plants are not like any normal farming or real estate transactions. Although a number of virtual brokers are dreaming of million dollar commissions and listing plants for sale, we work with specialized partners who can assess the real production/market potential and profitability of ethanol plants.


Sao Paulo

SP080729 - details

Sugar mill / ethanol plant, SP

R$240 million.

Last harvest data:
700000 tonnes of cane
36000 tonnes of sugar
9.3 million litres of anhydrous ethanol
25 million litres of hydrous ethanol

4 mills 30x54
4000 hectares of cane plantations

Sao Paulo state

Plant located in good location in SP state.

R$98 million.

4 mills 26x48
Capacity 600000 tonnes.
Own cane production 400000 tonnes

Ref - SP001b

Sugar/etanol farm, SP

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SP001 - sale pending

Mato Grosso - Sen. Mourão

Ethanol plant. Capacity 35-40 million litres/harvest

Ref 061002 - details









Sao Paulo


R$ 98,000,000.00

Factory well located in the state of Sao Paulo, with good manufacturing structure.There's a lot of land for sale close to the destillery.

Sao Paulo


R$ 25,000,000.00

Located in a central area of SP,headquarters with several houses.

Sao Paulo


R$ 50,000,000.00

Complete destillery, in full activity and well supplied.

Minas Gerais


R$ 100,000,000.00

Good productivity and expansion capacity.

Sao Paulo


R$ 18,000,000.00

Good logistic and industrial structure.

Sao Paulo


R$ 138,000,000.00

Excellent location with new equipament, in final phase of settlement.

Mato Grosso


R$ 500,000,000.00

Factory with exceptional capacity to double its production, with a low investment.

Sao Paulo


R$ 240,000,000.00

Area is located close to a highway that connects to the capital. And there's available area for sale or lease nearby.



R$ 110,000,000.00

Area is cut by roads, rivers and streams, fertile land.

Mato Grossso do Sul


R$ 110,000,000.00

Well located and structured.




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