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Farming in Bahia

Bahia is the farming leader of the Nordeste region, and leads Brazilian production of cacau, mamão, manga and coconuts.

However, it now aims to become a new frontier for ethanol plants; with ambitious plans to expand the cultivated area from 100000 to 800000 hectares, which should represent 7.5 billion tonnes of ethanol.

The total cultivated area in Bahia is 27,6 million hectares - about 1/3 of the total land.

The average price of land for crops is 3989R$; for cattle 1854R$ - an average increase of 30% over the last year.

Bahia's main export products are celulose ($780 million), soy products ($393 million) and fibers/textile ($236 million).





Farms for sale in Bahia, Brazil


80000 ha, west Bahia

80000ha divided over 3 farms, near Cocos.

98000 hectares, 700R$/ha

Barreiras. Largely uncultivated, river, good for biodiesel, cotton, timber, sugar cane.

Ref 080402 - details

61000ha, R$2500/ha

Region of LEM. Cotton, soy, corn. Near Bunge / Cargill facilities.

Ref 080402/2 - details



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farms for sale in Brazil


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